About Exotic Clutch Technologies

We are proud to announce that, as of July 2016, ECT is now a subsidiary of AMH Exotic Parts

Initially founded by exotic owner and automotive enthusiast Barry Doyle, ECT was formed to be the ultimate means for bringing a quality clutch alternative to the exotic car market. As demand grew, so did the offerings of our company. We have since branched into performance parts, ECU/TCU software, and OEM parts sales to meet the needs of our customers. Today, ECT products can be found in countless countries throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. We are now among the largest sellers of OEM parts and performance clutches for Lamborghini and Ferrari.

Our Story

Exotic Clutch Technologies was formed as a solution to a glaring service-related need in the exotic car industry. Prior to Lamborghini introducing the Gallardo, exotic owners typically didn’t pay attention to clutch life and the related service expense as their cars were rarely driven. However, upon the Gallardo’s release, owners got their first glimpse of a true daily drivable exotic car. For the first time, major components – ranging from the power plant to the suspension down to the gearbox – had practical service intervals and were entirely capable of a lifetime exceeding 100,000 miles. The only remaining shortcoming was the less-than-stellar clutch life.

The early Gallardo’s were seeing clutch failures in as few as 4k-7k miles, and the cost for replacement was high. Since these cars were accumulating miles much faster on average than previous models of exotics, clutch failures were happening in some cases within the first several months of ownership. While the Gallardo platform was being touted as a maintenance-friendly entry level exotic to a more price-conscious buyer, the short clutch life paired with the costly repair began to prove otherwise. Creating a proven solution for the resulting need is what allowed Exotic Clutch Technologies to blow the door wide open in the industry of performance clutches for the exotics market.

As our quality products quickly became popular among exotic car rental businesses, independent shops, and the DIY crowd, there became a clear demand to broaden our product offering. Currently we offer OEM based clutch alternatives for popular models of Lamborghini and Ferrari, and we offer bespoke builds for virtually any car from vintage to late model.

The most recent phase of growth for ECT has been into the performance parts and wholesale OEM parts business. We offer custom software packages including ECU maps for increased hp/tq and TCU programs that increase shift speed, adjusts gearbox torque limits and more. Additionally, to meet the needs of customers who wanted to not only buy clutch assemblies but also be able to source ancillary OEM service-related parts in a one-stop shop experience, we offer our wholesale OEM parts service. ECT has quickly joined the largest sellers of OEM parts and surpassed them in cost savings to consumers and overall level of service. This has our customers enjoying added convenience while saving money.

Interested In Other Performance Gains?

While ECT started as just a clutch company catering to the exotics market, it has quickly become a one-stop shop for all related parts. Our wholesale parts account allows us to sell you related OEM service parts at unbeatable prices.

Additionally, we can save you money on performance items such as aftermarket exhaust setups as well as on our pre-packaged performance ECU and transmission software.

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We are proud to announce that, as of July 2016, ECT is now a subsidiary of AMH Exotic Parts