Frequently Asked Questions

At ECT, we do our best to answer all questions ahead of time. Below are some of our frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer you're looking for, please contact us.

We are proud to announce that, as of July 2016, ECT is now a subsidiary of AMH Exotic Parts

What is the break-in procedure of an ECT clutch?

All clutches purchased from us come supplied with proper torque values and thorough break-in instructions. Feel free to email us with your specific type of clutch to inquire in the event that you can’t locate the instructions. Proper break-in is important for ensuring the friction material is properly seated. Additionally, proper break-in will keep from creating hot spots on mating surfaces allowing for a smoother stock-like engagement.

How is the driveability of an ECT Kevlar or ECT Dual Friction™ Assembly?

These are performance-oriented clutches using more aggressive materials, but engagement is as similar to stock as possible. A driver with a fair amount of seat time should be able to operate it very smoothly like stock – even on E-gear/F1 applications. The main difference is, it will still have plenty of life left thousands of miles later—making for an exotic that’s more enjoyable and has a more reasonable maintenance cost.

Does ECT need my original clutch assembly as a core?

NO. The price you are given is the price that you pay. You do not need to send your assembly in to be built beforehand or as a core afterwards.

What components do your clutch assemblies include?

All ECT assemblies are complete with the clutch disc(s), pressure plate, and flywheel. They are balanced and ready for a direct plug-n-play assembly over stock.

Interested In Other Performance Gains?

While ECT started as just a clutch company catering to the exotics market, it has quickly become a one-stop shop for all related parts. Our wholesale parts account allows us to sell you related OEM service parts at unbeatable prices.

Additionally, we can save you money on performance items such as aftermarket exhaust setups as well as on our pre-packaged performance ECU and transmission software.

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We are proud to announce that, as of July 2016, ECT is now a subsidiary of AMH Exotic Parts